Development and strengthening of the network among partners is a key activity as not all partners are previously familiar with each other. With the limited resources available, the most rational way to build networks and achieve the objectives is to organise 5 workshops in each partner country.

The workshops shall include public lectures, meetings with utilities and SMEs, meetings with students and work related to the development of teaching materials. Each workshop will have a set of activities focusing on the physical progress of the project. The networking shall also lead to joint research collaborations through national & international funding and promote joint supervision of graduate students. These workshops will also function as a dissemination action beyond project partners, in addition to the research publications envisaged.

The short-term student fellowships will focus on learning in partner environments on Water Magic topics, thus evaluation and contributing to an iterative process of improving the teaching materials is will be developed. A long-term collaboration between partners from Norway and USA will be initiated with two 1-year fellowships annually (funded by the Valle fellowship program) addressing Water Magic thematic.

Schedule: Introduction to partners-> MoUs signed -> Review on available resources-> Review on needs and possibilities with end-users and SMEs -> development of curricula for a module -> development of teaching materials and text book content -> students fellowships for improving and evaluation of teaching materials -> joint research & supervision activities -> finalising the teaching materials, textbook, joint research applications and publications -> final dissemination activity.

Milestones: Inter partner MoUs signed; Development of a curricula structure; Development of teaching material; Drafting the text book; Completions of student evaluations; Publishing of the text book; Report completed on needs and possibilities with end-users and SMEs; Submission of joint research paper.