Short-term results:

  • Institutional MoUs on student and staff mobility, joint supervision and research collaborations will be signed
  • Part- At least 30 staff visits to partner universities will be carried out
  • At least two joint research proposals on Water Magic will be submitted
  • At least five joint research publications will be submitted
  • Partners will hold at least 20 guest lectures at other partner universities, with at least 400 participants in total
  • At least 50 student mobility fellowships carried out

Long-term results:

  • Mechanisms for student and staff mobility will be explored and formalised at least with 5 partnership agreements, including two 1-year fellowships between Norwegian and US partner with a commitment from the Valle
  • A teaching module on Water Magic will be developed, evaluated and partially/fully integrated to existing teaching programs
  • A text book on Water Magic will be developed and published
  • An international forum on Water Magic will be established, starting with the Water Magic conference in Spitsbergen in 2016

Each university partner will bring on board at least one industrial partner and one end-user to the project. Some of these have already confirmed their participation with Letter of Support (attached), and others have confirmed their interest or are potential partners. These partners will join the meetings when conducted in respective countries, and will involve in designing the courses, textbook and are positive to receive students and involve in research work.