• Establish a collaborative partnership in higher education and research on Water Management in Cold Climates (Acronym: Water Magic) among 7 universities in 6 countries in the High North
  • Develop a dedicated teaching module on Water Management in Cold Climates based on best practices and trends, in consultation with teachers, SMEs and end-users (water utilities)
  • Promote collaboration on innovations in Water Management in Cold Climates between universities, water utilities and SMEs

The goals will make today’s graduate education on water management more comprehensive by including a focused set of themes related to Cold Climate as well as Climate Change impacts. Since the development will be done in collaboration with utilities, the graduates will be better trained to cover the needs of the future employers as well as the national needs. All three goals are so strongly interrelated that the quality of education will be enhanced by integrating the best practices and relevant research focuses of seven partners. The textbook, teaching materials and the SMEs will strongly contribute to the sustainability of the effort beyond the project period. The project will also facilitate the Valle fellowship program and dedicate two 1-year MSc fellowships (value up to 700 000 NOK/year) for Water Magic related Norwegian-US student exchange program.